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A collection of 3rd party artists' works that inspire the world of Novarus =)







Greetings, Citizens!

In the years since the Great Warp Storm[1] that left our planet cut off from the Rift Portal Network[2] and sent much of the local geography into Riftspace[3], we have been working with the Archive's cartographers to reclaim land from the Shifting Wilds and reestablish our portal links. Unfortunately, the portal network is still not fully stabilized, but we are proud to be able to tell you all that a team of intrepid explorers has succeeded in expanding the scope of our Stable Zones - and even better, an entirely new zone has been created!

The Continent's western region is now home to the Innistrad Swamp, a region of eternal night where our darkness-dwelling citizens will feel right at home - and where secrets may lie hidden just beneath the inky black waters.

In the northeast, where the Suty Desert meets the Taktos Mountains, the Schlieren Volcano has arisen. Filled with silvery liquid crystal that preliminary studies have shown to be an excellent conductor of magical forces, this mountain's bubbling crater should be a valuable resource to local practitioners of the arcane sciences - just don't forget your heat-resistance spells!

The Southern Region, fully stabilized after months of effort, grants access to the mysterious Circuit Breaker Reef that borders Cape Code. Originating from a distant server of the Network, these areas were translated into realspace by the Great Storm; their digital waters are perfectly breathable to any form of life and disperse electricity instead of conducting it. Beneath the waves, explorers can dive into the Fallen Star Caverns, where the luminescent minerals beneath the rock create an impression of swimming among the stars. The Stormshatter Isles are a small island chain, with twisting spires of metal that attract the storms drifting harmlessly over the Circuit Breaker Sea. Stormshatter is already inhabited by sapients, technorganic beings who thrive off the organo-minerals growing in the metal-infused soil - but they have reassured us that they welcome all visitors who come with peaceful intentions.

Thanks to the work of our exploratory teams, these new areas have been proclaimed safe for travel! Their efforts are also responsible for allowing us to better refine our existing control over the Stable Zones - but we advise citizens to remain cautious, as the Shifting Wilds are still hazardous without adequate preparation.

Enjoy the winter holidays!

[1] Three years ago, a Warp Storm of unprecedented power tore across the surface of the planet, destroying the Reality Anchors used to stabilize warp-touched space.
[2] The Portal Network enables travel between the many planets and star systems of Novarus, as well as allowing safe passage into the Rift itself, where pieces of the homeworlds may be found and explored - or even retrieved.
[3] Riftspace, distinct from Realspace, is the realm of infinite chaos and potentiality underlying and connecting the group of universes we call "Novarus". It is the source of all Warp power, responsible for both the unpredictable Warp Storms and the vast expanses of the Shifting Wilds.
In the early morning hours of the 17th October an Earthquake has shook up the outer district of Commercium City. A number of people have been injured, some are still missing! Citizens have gathered around the scene to do their best at helping. A small chasm is spreading on the street. It is advised not to go near it until further details are known.
Experts assume that the quake was caused by an anomaly in warp concentration in a presumably natural way. We’ve got our local News Reporter on the scene.

See what else is going on at:
Time flies, doesn't it? Within the coming weeks there will be some nice updates coming around!

Come visit us at
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